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The Fairytale Chicago of Francesca Finnegan

Posted on February 24, 2017 at 7:00 AM

I had the pleasure of interviewing the main character Richard, from The Fairytale Chicago of Francesca Finnegan

1) Do you think you did all you could have with your family?

The transition from single man to family man is hard for some guys. You get used to going out every weekend, without family responsibilities, and you have to get unused to that. You have to reconsider the things that make you happy. That process can take several years, and the adjustment can be hard, but you have to adjust, and once you do, you'll find you can have as much fun with your family in the backyard as you did at a bar. I do think I've done all I can for my family, and have forgiven myself for the mistakes I've made.


2) What did you learn from your time with Francesca?

Take life less seriously, as cliche as that sounds. Remember what you had fun with when you were a kid. Remember what you wanted to be when you were a kid. Remember how you played when you were a kid. You can play as an adult. Do it. Play, damn it!


3) Is there something you would have done differently?

Less cocaine.

Book Review

First off, when you think about the title as most people do you see the word fairytale and you think "Hey must be a kid's book" this was nothing of the sort! It did have it's fantasy and it's wild ride but not a kid's book. I say this because I thought it was until you hit chapter two and then you're like "I'm glad I didn't read this one to my little guys".

I have to say though I enjoyed this book very much. This was not your average  happy go lucky kind of book, you look at books nowadays and you want this happy ever after. You see a man who is successful and yet he thinks about death.. I don't want to give away this book so I won't say much (because this is only in the first couple chapters any more info you'll have to read it) But I must say I did enjoy it! The adventure and the excitement I felt like once I closed my eyes I was there too! I look forward to anything else from this author; I was very much excited to see the first page of his book actually says Half of all proceeds are donated to Chicago Public Schools! This is a wonderful author! 


Title: The Fairytale Chicago of Francesca Finnegan
Author: Steve Wiley
Genre: Fantasy
“Did you know most anything that matters in this city was built by magic before it was built by men? Of course you didn’t. This city is different from other cities. The true history of it is unpublished. Lucky for you, I know it all by heart.”
~ Francesca Finnegan

In Chicago, a secret L train runs through the mythical East Side of the city. On that train, you’ll find a house-cat conductor, an alcoholic elf, a queen of the last city farm, the most curious wind, and an exceptional girl by the name of Francesca Finnegan.
When we first encounter Richard K. Lyons, he is a man who has long forgotten the one night, when he was still a boy called Rich, when Francesca invited him aboard the secret L for an adventure though the East Side. The night was a mad epic, complete with gravity-defying first kisses, mermaid overdoses, and princess rescues. Unfortunately for Rich, the night ended like one of those elusive dreams forgotten the moment you wake. Now, Rich is all grown up and out of childish adventures, an adult whose life is on the verge of ruin. It will take the rediscovery of his exploits with Francesca, and a reacquaintance with the boy he once was, to save him.

Author Bio
Steve Wiley, Author
Steve is a father, husband, uncle, brother, friend, and purveyor of fairy stories. He grew up in and around Chicagoland, where he still lives with his wife and two kids. He has been published in an array of strange and serious places, from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C., to Crannóg magazine in Galway, Ireland. This is his first book. He has an undergraduate degree in something he has forgotten from Illinois State University and a graduate degree in something equally forgotten from DePaul University. You can email Steve at [email protected], or visit thewileymancan on Instagram.

Illustrator Bio
Chris is an artist who studied at Columbia College Chicago. He is a Chicago native and has lived here all his life. Chris’s paintings have been showcased in many local galleries and beyond. When he feels like it, he travels elsewhere to find inspiration. You can reach him at [email protected], or visit _ccihon on Instagram.

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