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Guest Post By Author Dina Tate

Posted on February 17, 2017 at 7:55 PM

I had asked Author Dina Tate of Lizzie & McKinzie's Fabulous Adventures to write a guest post on a topic that is close to my heart: 

Why Being Different is A Good Thing

Being considered different can take on many connotations today. One could classify themselves as being different simply based upon the style of clothing they wear, hairstyle or taste in music. It can even go a bit deeper where people will only associate with those who share the same values and interests as their own. Thinking about it more constructively at the of the day we are all different from one another but it’s what makes a “special”.

We begin branding ourselves at a young age. We begin to forge our identities of what we like and don’t like very early on. Because I grew up in a family with many boys, I was a tomboy. I relished and celebrated it. I didn’t mind climbing fences, watching wrestling or karate movies. I felt that made me different. I’m sure it made some of the girls I played with from time to time uncomfortable but I was blessed to have friends that accepted me for who I was. Of course, there were girls that tried to pick on me about it, but I held my own. I noticed that those girls were always in large groups and really didn’t have a sense of identity, they were happy to fit in.

As I got older I always wanted to learn new things. I grew out of the tomboy phase of course but channeled that energy in unique forms of physical activity and I still love my wrestling. I made a point to surround myself with a unique set of friends who are all different from myself and special. When I wrote Lizzie & McKenzie’s Fabulous Adventures, my intent was to celebrate friendship and most importantly let readers know that it’s okay to be different from one another. In the story The Same Glam Goddess wants to make all the little girls of the world look the same. Just imagine for one day if that actually happened? What a dull and frightening world that would be.

It’s not surprising to see children and teens still trying to fit in because of the pressure of society. It even happens in the workplace! The key is really finding friends that accept you, and the ones that don’t it’s okay to let them go. It’s okay to have your own unique interests. For many years I didn’t know of other African-American girls that were into Japanese animation like myself, but that’s not the case anymore. It does appear easier to follow along and fitting in seems painless. But imagine not having a self of yourself, imagine if someone asked you what are your interests and you couldn’t really answer. You never know whether your interests can turn into a lifelong career that you love or a wonderful hobby that you enjoy. Being different and celebrating who you are is such a great thing it what makes your personal brand and makes you stand out from the crowd.

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