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Excerpt 1


She was still a little embarrassed about acting like a straight-up whore. She had allowed a stranger in


a freaking mask to shove his tongue down her throat and dry hump her until they both came. She groaned,


pulling the covers up over her head as if that was going to somehow shield her from her own




Sheesh! Was she so desperate for affection that she craved the touch of a complete stranger?


She wasn’t sure what it was about him that had her crushing on him already.


Thankfully, her subconscious saved her from taking their make-out session to the next level. She


didn’t know what she would have allowed him to do if they were alone.


No, that wasn't true. She knew exactly what she would have done. She would have had him hard and


deep, and not given two shits about the consequences, especially after she had copped a feel of his gigantic


cock. The damn thing was so freaking large she would swear she felt his pulse, and her clit was definitely not




As for her panty-changing rating system? Well he had surpassed that. Once he’d planted that


beautiful mouth of his over hers and began that delicious roll of his hips, there was nothing left to change.


Why? Because, they had melted right the fuck off her body! As in complete and utter disintegration.


As in nothing left to change. Gone! Turned to molten liquid.


Then she had cum so hard she wouldn’t be surprised if her uterus had been turned inside out. She


couldn’t even begin to imagine the orgasm she would have had if it had been around his cock.


Just thinking about how he felt on top of her and the size of his erection was making her rub her


thighs together. She was already hot and wet again. Guess she was going to have to take care of business


before she could get any sleep.


Her hand slowly found its way to her stomach, but stopped, unsure she should go lower. She felt


utterly ridiculous. The feeling so foreign, it was absurd. She’d never had trouble touching herself before.


What was she doing, saving herself for Lee?


"Sheesh, Callie, it's not like this is the first time. Like he’s going to care if I rub one out," she chided




Sighing in defeat, she slipped her hand inside her panties and touched the soft lips of her sex. She


felt her moisture already beginning to leak out and slipped a finger inside. She arched up off the bed from the


contact, a vivid image of Lee firmly in place.


She closed her eyes, remembering his scent, the taste of his lips, the feel of his hard body against


hers, his roaming hands cupping her breasts, squeezing her ass. She imagined she had removed his mask, but


still couldn’t make out his facial features. Then their costumes vanished and they were both naked, with him


buried deep inside her as they thrust against each other.


Her finger wasn’t enough, so she slipped a second inside and pumped herself faster. She was so


close, but her fingers were only fueling her need to have more inside her. She wanted that feeling of fullness,


of being stretch tight the way she knew Lee would fill her.


Disengaging, she threw back the covers and raced to her walk-in closet where she had stashed a 10-


inch extra thick dildo she had received as a gag gift from her BFF, Dylan.


Thank you, Dylan!


Excerpt 2


Huge tears of frustration were rolling down both Callie’s cheeks as she wadded up the dress and


threw it across the room. It landed in a mangled heap in the corner of her bedroom. The dress she had picked


out was for her date with Lee, not Vehn! She couldn’t go on a date with a mega star wearing off-the-rack


clothes. Who was she kidding?


She was trying really hard to keep that horrific incident Tegan had told her in the forefront of her


mind, so she could put Vehn in a more realistic perspective. But, shit! That was hard to do when the man was


a household name.


She had already decided she would never be able to date a superstar and put herself under the


microscope of the paparazzi, but that was before she thought it was even conceivable, and that was before


she had real feelings for him. Real feelings that were already teetering on the thin-edged precipice of love,


and she didn’t want to ignore them by setting them aside. She just couldn’t do it, because she wanted him!


Whirling around to look at the clock, her anxiety shot through the roof. Now what the fuck was she


gonna do? There was no way in hell she could find a new dress and be ready by the time Vehn picked her up


in one measly hour.


Maybe she should just text him and say she was sick or something. No! She couldn’t do that to him.


He was so excited about their date that he’d already texted her several times wanting to come early, but she


had managed to hold him off so far.




Sheesh! There was no telling how many paparazzi would be clicking their pictures and posting


photos on the cover of God only knew what magazines that would be seen by thousands of people…




Her panicked mind was dredging up uncertainties she wasn’t sure what to do with. She didn’t know


what she was going to do if they continued to date or how she could afford to buy new expensive shit all the


time to wear out. She didn’t know how she would handle tabloid photos of them together or how she was


going to deal with other people's opinions about her. She was already the most self-conscious person she




She wasn’t sure how long her flimsy armor would last before it was breeched and Vehn saw the


damaged fat girl hiding beneath. How did she think she could pull this off? She wanted there to be another


date, and another, but once he discovered the truth—that he was so far out of her league that they weren’t


even in the same dimension—he wouldn't want to date her anymore. And that would crush her!


“There was nothing at all good about this idea of dating a celebrity!” Callie screamed.


Just great! Now she was starting to hyperventilate. Left with no other options, she sent out an


urgent text to the only person she knew who would remain calm under pressure: Evana.


Callie: HELP! i can’t find anything to wear on my date tonight


Instead of receiving a text back, her cell rang immediately, displaying a photo of Evana. Answering


right away, Callie started yammering, “Oh God, E! I’m so fucked right now! The dress I was going to wear just


isn’t going to cut it. What am I gonna do now?”


“First of all,” Evana began calmly, “you are going to calm down and breathe, Callie. What happened


to the dress you were going to wear?”


Trying to take a few deep breaths, Callie started to cry, dropping to the wood floor with a thud. “It’s


not good enough, E.”


As Callie’s sobs turned hysterical, Evana remained calm. “I’m on my way to your place now. I will call


you when I get to the door. You will answer the phone and buzz me up. OK?”


“Ok,” Callie agreed between hiccups.


After taking a few fortifying breaths, she pulled herself up from the floor and shuffled to the


bathroom mirror to see the aftermath caused by her tears. Absolutely unsalvageable. Her make-up had


melted right off her damn face. What a fucking mess!


Excerpt 3


Vehn offered her his hand, escorting her over to the intimate bistro set. Smiling down at her as he


pushed in her chair, he noticed that her eyes had taken on a glassy sheen and her lips were slightly parted, as


if she were just as turned on by him as he was by her.


The waiter was at Vehn’s elbow before he could even blink. Since neither one of them had actually


taken the time to look over the menu, they decided on another tasting menu and cappuccinos.


Enjoying the view of the city, they were seemingly making idle conversation while they waited, but


the air between them had taken on a heady sexual thickness. He would swear her scent had changed, too,


becoming a little more feminine. He couldn’t help but wonder if that meant she was getting as wet as the


growing spot of pre-cum on his briefs.


His cock had become a living thing with a mind all its own and made sure to pulse in time with his


heartbeat so it wouldn’t be ignored. The way her eyes kept roaming over him and lingered on his lap was


making him wonder if she knew how turned on he was right now.


Dessert arrived, and they were blessedly alone again, only now he had toppings for her lips that he


could lick off.


Only kissing. Only kissing. Only kissing, Vehn silently reminded himself. Every time he repeated this


inside his brain, his balls would tighten in protest and his cock would leak a little bead of pre-cum.


“Wow, this looks amazing!” Again, her lingering gaze fell to his lap.


If she didn’t stop her starring soon, he was going to show her just how amazing it was!


Ok...Vehn! Get control of your cock’s thoughts, he internally chided himself.


“Yes, it does,” he said, his eyes settling on her gorgeous cleavage. Was it his imagination or did she


just lean forward to give him a better view?


Dessert, Vehn, focus on getting through dessert.


Dragging his eyes away from her amazing voluminous flesh, he chose to dip his finger in what he had


to assume was chocolate mousse. He didn’t want to spoil the sexually infused moment between them by


using utensils.


Bringing his finger to her lips, he locked eyes with hers. The heat he saw there made his heart stop


and his hips roll involuntarily.


His cock went on high alert, jumping in his pants. If the damn thing had hands and a mouth, it would


be holding one up, shouting, “Me next! Me next!”


His hand shook a little as he watched her part her delectable lips and take what he offered between


them. She made a little moan as her tongue swirled around and suckled his finger before he slowly withdrew,


pressing down on her full lower lip as he went.


She smiled at him, and he watched in rapt fascination as the tip of her little pink tongue traced the


fullness of her lips, sucking the lower one inside, dragging her teeth across the fleshiest part.


“Did you like it?” came his deep, throaty inquiry.


Was that his voice or had he just made another trip through puberty?


“Yes, I did,” she answered, dipping her finger in the same dessert he had. “Now it’s your turn.”


Her eyes seemed more luminous now than they had been earlier. He hoped that was a sign she


wanted him as much as he wanted her.


He closed his mouth around her slim finger and held her hand lightly, so she wouldn’t pull away


before he was done toying with her. He alternated between swirling his tongue around the perimeter and


cupping it, gently sucking.


He noted her breathing had become more erratic, or was that just his? After he pulled her finger


free, she reached up with her other hand and traced the outline of his lips. She seemed to be fixated on his


mouth, and he was totally good with that.


Deciding it was time for a different kind of dessert, he rose to his feet and led her back over to the


loveseat. Sitting down, he pulled the throw over their legs again and moved in closer, crowding her in the


corner. He wanted to go slow with her, but this all-consuming need to get close to her and taste her lips won




He kissed her lightly at first, testing to see how far she would let him go. Technically, they were


alone, but they were still in a public place. Of course, sex was on his brain front and center, but he would


rather wait until they were in a bed so he could properly explore her. However, heavy petting wasn’t out of


the question.


His hand found its own way under the hem of her dress, caressing the outside of her thigh. She


tangled her hands in his hair as if she couldn’t wait to dig her fingers into the stuff, then she smoothed her


hand over his jaw and ran her fingers along the corner of his mouth, feeling where their lips were joined.


“Mmmmmm, your skin is so smooth,” she moaned.


“Freshly shaven just a little while ago. Mmmmmmm, your skin is smooth, too,” he groaned, his hand


making another trip higher up on her thigh to her hip. His fingers grazed over the thin silken string on her




“Freshly shaven just a little while ago.” She grinned against his lips and moved her legs wider apart.


Excerpt 4


Callie had never really had a serious boyfriend until Ryder, and that had turned out worse than


awful. Before him, there was just a scattered handful of random dates never amounting to anything, and the


first crush she'd had in her late teens. The same crush that she had given her virginity to. For three days, she


was the happiest she had ever been. She ignorantly thought her feelings were reciprocated, but come to find


out he had been dared by his friends to get into the pants of the "fat girl". She was devastated when she’d


discovered the truth.


Lesson learned, she took a break from boys, graduated high school, and focused on her art and her


apprenticeship to becoming a tattoo artist. Her mom had hoped she would go to college, maybe become a


commercial artist or something, but she had always liked body art, and the other type never held any appeal


for her.


Thinking back on her first crush, Michael, always made her feel nauseous. Frowning down at the tiny


sugar skull inked on her wrist, she recalled with perfect clarity that first time she had felt the sting of the


tattoo gun. She had gotten her first tattoo to commemorate that serious lack in judgment. She figured, since


he was the one to take her virginity, it would only be fitting that the memory of what he had done take the


virginity from her skin as well.


Was Vehn going to turn into another Michael, crushing her already fragile self-esteem, only a


hundred times worse than last time?


“Stop, Callie. Just stop it!” Callie chastised herself aloud. “I will not allow my insecurities to sabotage


my relationship with Vehn.”


With a surety she felt inside the bones of her soul, she knew he wasn’t like those other guys and she


had not misplaced her trust in him. She needed to stop questioning and start enjoying, for fuck’s sake! Like


enjoying that panty-melting kiss he had just laid on her. Smiling to herself, she raked her teeth across her


lower lip, where his taste still lingered.


Thinking of melting panties, that kiss of his was nothing but a fast cooling wet spot between her legs.


She'd better make a run for the ladies' room before they left or she would be sitting in that the entire trip


back to his place.


Rummaging through her overnight bag, she pocketed a fresh pair and made her way to the


restroom, where she quickly changed and stuffed the wet pair into her back pocket. The panty


situation taken care of and quickly forgotten, she finished her clean-up and prepped what she could for the


following day.


She squeaked when Vehn unexpectedly hugged her from behind.


“What is this?” he asked, pulling the lacy scrap from her pocket.


Her cheeks flamed red as she felt the thong pull free from where she had stashed it. Damn it! She


had totally spaced about the panties.


“Nothing.” She tried snatching them back, but he held them high, backing away.


“Why do you have panties in your pocket?” he asked, the lacy wisp dangling off his finger tip.


Callie covered her face with both hands, feeling the heat radiating off her skin. She could fry an egg


on her face. Someone just needed to scramble one up and slap it on there.


“Callieeeeee?” He raised a brow at her, determination apparent in the sparkle she saw in his eyes.


“Fine! If you must know, they’re wet from when you kissed me. Happy now? I’m already


embarrassed enough, so can I please have them back?” She held out her hand. Her eyes darted quickly away.


She was so flustered she was unable to maintain eye contact with him for long.


“Nope. I think I’ll keep these as a souvenir,” he said. A wicked grin curled his lips before he held


them under his nose, briefly closing his eyes while inhaling her fragrance.


Callie stood statue-still, shocked to her very core that he had just done that. He kept surprising her in


the most erotic ways. First was the dirty pillow talk that made her head spin and her pussy gush. Now he was


smelling her panties and looked ready to devour her and the panties both... and had he just growled at her


like an animal?


Great! Now her fresh panties were soaking wet and he hadn’t even fucking touched her! Good lord,


had she just been thinking he might not find her attractive? Because if he didn’t, he was doing a damn good


job at acting like he was. Had she just been thinking he was fucking with her and not serious about a


relationship? She really needed to get a healthy serving of self-esteem with a side of confidence right the fuck


now before she fucked up this relationship.


Excerpt 5


It was getting hotter than seventeen-thousand hells inside Callie's kitchen. Vehn hoped she was


feeling the same blistering sexual tension in the air between them that had set him on fire.


He hadn’t touched her in forever and all he could think of doing was pulling her in close for a kiss so


he could run his hands all over her black leggings just before he ripped them off, to lift her up onto the


counter so he could spread those perfectly voluptuous thighs of hers wide open and push his entire rigid


length into her wetness, leaving not a hair’s width of space between their flushed bodies.


Whew! He was really going to have to put a stop to his rampant thoughts.


Thank fuck he was wearing an oversized Henley and the hem covered the majority of what was now


tenting his pajama bottoms. If he stood just right and leaned a little to the left, it was hardly noticeable, or


that’s what he was hoping for anyway.


He was beyond thrilled to be here with her, but this was going to be one long fucking night if he was


going to stick with the plan of taking it slow and keeping his hands to himself.


Once they choose a restaurant, cracked open the bottle of red, and were settled on the couch


waiting for their food to arrive… he was still hard as a damn rock. It was becoming more painful by the


second, so he tried to rearrange himself without being too obvious.


So far, she seemed not to notice as she flipped through the pay-per-view movies. The thing had


taken on its own pulse, throbbing in time with his increasing heartbeat. He was surprised she couldn’t hear


the blood pumping through the main vein of the thing.








Even though he purposely sat away from her, he could still feel the heat radiating off her body. Her


feminine scent had magnified, settling inside his nasal cavities like it had at the restaurant just before he'd


touched her and discovered she was sopping wet.


Lust slammed him hard. Just knowing how wet her pussy could get and how close he was to her


made his cock weep, and there was no help for the lust-filled fantasy that slammed into his frontal lobe.


She was already beneath him, and he was pressing his hardness into one of her thighs while he


worked her pussy out with his fingers. She was drenched, making that delicious slushy sound that sent his


libido into outer space. She was about to cum; he could tell by the way her breathing hitched and how her


slippery walls were beginning to tighten around his probing fingers...


“I’ll be right back.” Vehn popped up off the couch, making a mad dash for the half bath off the living


room. That sizzling daydream had him ready to cum right there on the couch, in front of her.


Was he really going to jerk off in her half bath? Yes! He absolutely was!






About the Book


Title: Vehn


Author: LS Anders


Genre: Contemporary Romance


Vehn Mathieu possesses one of the most recognizable faces on the planet. He has everything money can buy, but there’s a huge piece missing from his exceptional life that can’t be bought – a soulmate. He longs to find a woman who wants the man behind the persona, a woman who can see beyond the façade. When he finally finds the one, she is completely unaware of his true identity. Will she be able to come to grips with his celebrity and love the man behind the name?


Callie Mackenzie is well-known in her own little niche. Her beauty, talent, and radiant personality hide the dark, jagged scars of her past that threaten to extinguish the light of her future. Her seemingly iron-clad armor can barely protect the fractured soul of the woman beneath as she fights a daily battle to preserve the happiness she has strived so hard to achieve. Finished with abusive men, she prefers to daydream about the one she thinks she’ll never meet. But when Callie’s fantasy becomes her reality, how will she slay her own demons to be with him?


Vehn and Callie together.


When forces outside their control threaten to destroy their fragile new bond, Vehn and Callie come face to face with her deep-rooted insecurities. Their chemistry is unshakable, but is their untried relationship strong enough to endure the hardships of his fame and her past? Is the reward of being together worth the price each must pay to keep their one true love?


Author Bio


Hello fellow romance-aholics!


As many of us do, I read to give myself a break from the daily grind and there’s no better way to do that than to get lost inside a juicy romance novel when you’re feeling overworked or overstressed.


I’m a wearer of many hats. I’m a wife, a mother, a female firefighter, a reader and lover of all things romance, an avid daydreamer, and a new author to the contemporary romance genre.


Vehn is the first in the Exotic Ink Book Series and will be available on Amazon in March 2017! Books to soon follow will be Tegan and Jake.


I hope you enjoy reading my series as much as I’ve enjoyed bring these characters to life.


L.S. Anders








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