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Beauty & the Book Boyfriend

Posted on April 5, 2017 at 10:05 PM

About the Book

Title: Beauty and the Book Boyfriend

Author: K.M. Galvin

Genre: Contemporary Romance

When Bellamy Strong started writing, it wasn’t with the intention of becoming the next phenomenon. It was…to be blunt she had no friends. School is rough on the anti-social. It’s even harder publishing your books and the world decides it wants a piece of you.


Now her series is ending and her publisher is demanding she show up for her fans. End her reclusive persona. A three month, worldwide book tour dressed as Makyla, the lead character in her book. As for Maxsen, the love interest, her fans pick model Caleb Pace to play the role during a casting contest. No big deal right?


What happens when your fantasy comes to life and turns out better than you imagined?


**Recommended for ages 18 and up**

Author Bio

K.M. has a coffee addiction that's just begging for an intervention and an obsession with music that borders on unhealthy. She’s undefeated in the Office trivia and looking for her own Ron Swanson while she writes. The entire Twenty-Something series is now available.



Twitter: @kelsiegalvin

Instagram: @authorkmg



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Book Excerpts

Excerpt #1


Growling under my breath, I bend down and begin shoving my stuff back into my bag.

“Here, you forgot this,” a deep voice says from behind me. Still crouched, I spin on the balls of my feet and immediately fall flat on my ass when I see who’s behind me.

Standing above me is Max. My Max. But that’s not possible, right? Maybe I’m having a psychotic break; the stress of the series is causing me to hallucinate.

Max bends down, bringing us to eye level. His face is millimeters from mine. He lets out a breath and it washes over me. Actual breath. From his lungs. In. My. Face. I gulp in air, finally able to breathe, and that’s a little better. I blink.

“Huh?” I croak. Brilliant.

“I said you forgot this,” he responds, his voice filled with laughter as he waves a tampon in front of my face like a magic wand.

Goddammit, it’s a super.

My face fills with so much heat I’m surprised it doesn’t singe my eyebrows straight off. Jumping to my feet, I scrutinize him carefully. He follows my movements, standing to his full height, and holy hell he’s tall.

At least a foot taller than my 5’4.” Just like I’d imagined. His hair is a dark auburn, so dark it looks like spilled blood at midnight; so dark it looks black until the sun hits it. His eyes are honey-brown, almost supernatural in their color.

It’s supposed to be unreal because he’s not real. What the frick?!

His face looks as if it’s carved from granite. In fact, every inch of him is defined. Light golden skin is stretched tightly over his muscles, and even though he is wearing a loose work out tank and track pants, I can tell he’s hard all over. I can tell because that’s how I wrote him. I’ve known him for almost ten years now.

“Are you ok?” he asks, his eyes crinkling at the corners with concern.

So many thoughts and words, too bad they’re all trapped in my throat. My hand rises on its own violation and… I poke him.

I poke his chest.

I touch him.

Holy effing shit!

“Oh my God!” I whisper-yell. Am I dreaming? I pinch myself hard and yelp. Nope, I’m awake. “Oh my God. This is not happening!”



Excerpt #2


I just need to rest for a second, I think, and yank my hand from his to rest against one of the tables between the bar and the bathrooms. How did I already make it downstairs?

Should not have had liquor on an empty stomach.

“Hey, are you ok?” Someone asks me, and I turn to find the table filled with guys.

“Tired,” I tell them and straighten from my slouched position. “Sorry for laying on your table, my friends grabbing me some water. I’ll go now. Enjoy the guys on stage.”

“Guys on stage?” One laughs. “You don’t know who they are?”

I shrug. “I don’t really care. I’m here for my bucket list.”

All four of their faces fall at once and the one I’ve been speaking to asks, “You’re sick?”

“Sick?” I ask. “Not yet. Hoping this water helps.”

“No, I mean. You’re dying?” he asks more gently.

“I mean, aren’t we all?” I say a little loudly. I see Caleb making a beeline towards me, a worried look on his face as he scans the other guys. “Here comes my friend. He’s probably worried about me speaking to you all. Normally, I’d probably be hyperventilating in the corner or something, but alcohol tends to loosen me up. You guys enjoy the concert, ok? And really, don’t wait until you’re dying to do what you want!”

The guy on my left wipes his eye and another clears his throat. Man, people were emotional tonight. Guess Caleb’s right about the power of concerts.

Caleb wraps his arm around my shoulders and pulls me to his side. “Are you ok? Did they do or say anything to you?”

“No. They were pretty emotional. You people really love these guys, huh?”

Before we can say anything else, one of the guys comes up, weaving slightly. “Sorry about your girlfriend, man. She’s special. I just wanted you to know. I’m going to live every moment like it’s my last.”

Caleb stares at him wide eyed. “Yeah, man. You do that.”

He waits until the other guy walks away before turning back to me. “What the fuck? What did you say to them?”

“I don’t know.”

“A table of drunks,” Caleb laughs.

“I told them about my bucket list,” I told him.

Caleb stops and turns towards me before bursting out into laughter. “Bell, you have to stop calling it a bucket list! People keep thinking you’re dying. All those dudes were drunk and here comes this beautiful, dying girl talking about her bucket list. Oh man, I’m not leaving you alone for the rest of the night.”

“You didn’t to begin with, bodyguard. I left you,” I retort.

“Oh excuse me. I am woman, hear me roar.”

“Exactly. I’m a grown woman!” I yell.



Excerpt #3


“And then!” I pause dramatically from my standing position on the couch.

“Oh my God, what?!” Natalie cries in anticipation, lying underneath me.

It’s Thursday night, which means it’s Roswell and Rosé Night, nothing better than wine and aliens. Yummy, Max. Yesss. So I have a thing for guys with that name… so what?


“Hmm?” I shake myself out of my thoughts and look down at my captive audience, both literally and figuratively.

“What happened next?” Natalie asks breathlessly.

“Well, get. This. Shiz-“, hiccup, “-zle. He squints his melty, honey, super gorg eyes-“

“Don’t ever write drunk, your vocabulary has taken a deep dive into shitsville.”

“-and insults my age and basically said I’m way too old to like these books and that I should get a life. I mean!” I scoff so hard I start coughing.

“I have a life! I have so much of a life! Can you even-“ I hop off the couch and walk over to my desk. “I mean, this is where I create! Hello? Life.” I do a quick run around our beautiful two-bedroom loft. “A super sweet apartment with, and excuse me, with exposed brick and a balcony and a wood burning stove. Hola? Life.”

I run to my bedroom door and fling the door open. “Four poster bed with a down comforter sitting atop a pillow top mattress with cooling action, so no matter where you lay, it’s nicely chilled. Aloha? Life. Life! I have so much life! Natalie, our kitchen has stainless steel appliances.”


“My car is paid off!” I yell at the top of my lungs.

“Bellamy, those are all super things. Super! But, well, and don’t hate me-“

Exhausted, I decide to lie down right where I am in the middle of the living room. “What?”

“-well those are things. Really nice things. I mean, yes, this apartment is the tits.”

“The nicest tits!” I agree, my fist lifting in the air in solidarity.

“But nowhere in your list are social activities or guys or any mention of other people.”

“People smeeple,” I grumble. “Who needs ‘em?”


“Guys pies.” I roll over on my side. Sleep. That sounds good.

“Bell. It’s ok. He’s an ass.”

“Yes, much better. You’re back on track, keep going.”

“But maybe he wasn’t wrong.”

“You took a left turn somewhere, Natalie. Reroute.”

“All of that’s going to change anyway. You’re going to travel the world, meet so many wonderful people, and experience all sorts of new things. Your life is about to change dramatically and for the better. So screw Caleb!”

“I didn’t think my life was so bad now,” I admit softly, sitting up to look at her.

Natalie’s entire face softens and she stumbles over to me for a hug. “Honey, there isn’t anything wrong with it if I knew it truly made you happy, but I know you’re lonely. You can feel it between the lines of your books. You are Makyla, remember? I know you well enough to figure out what’s going on in that beautiful head of yours.”

“I’m not beautiful,” I protest, embarrassed.

“Ok, you’re an ogre.” She laughs and gives me a kiss on my temple. “Go to bed, we have a lot to do tomorrow.”


“Buenas noches.”




Excerpt #4


“I want to kiss you.”

I freeze. “What?”

“You heard me,” he says leaning in and setting his chin against my temple as he pulls me close. I can feel the slight tug of my hair getting caught in his scruff as he nuzzles there. “I want to kiss you. I want to know what you taste like.”

He exhales and it raises goose bumps down my neck and shoulders.

“Caleb.” I groan as my head falls back.

I can feel his smile against my forehead and he leans down to ghost his lips across mine. “What?”

My hands settle on either side of his ribs, gripping his t-shirt and I lean closer, soaking up his warmth. “You’re changing things.”

His tongue licks at my bottom lip before he buries his head in my neck and bites it gently. The pounding between my legs is nearly unbearable and I no longer give a shit that I haven’t brushed my teeth. I arch my neck, giving him better access, but he’s already moved on to whisper against my lips. “You like it.”

Caleb kisses my cheeks and nose, nips my chin and I can no longer take it. “Caleb, kiss-“ I’m cut off as he seals his mouth over mine.

My hands grip his shoulders, needing something solid to hold on to because if I let go, I’ll fall. This weak in the knees shit is real and somehow I knew I’d feel it with this temperamental, wonderful, aggravating friend.

He’s like nothing I’ve ever tasted. His lips are softer than I thought they would be and I find that I can’t help but to give his full bottom lip a playful nip. He groans against my mouth and I feel the vibration down to my toes.

Caleb fidgets with the bottom of my boxers before his hands run up the sides of my legs, slipping underneath the fabric until his hands are on my bare ass. He lifts me a little higher until I feel his erection against my center and I move against him helplessly.

I whimper at the contact, both loving the pressure and wishing he’d move. Who is this needy girl? I don’t recognize her.

His tongue duels with mine and it’s odd that a first kiss should feel so natural, like we’ve been doing this for years. Our mouths are in a rhythm that seems to have been established years ago, his flavor recalling memories we haven’t made yet but one I knew I’d become addicted to instantly.

We’re interrupted by a knock at the door and I move away slightly. Our breath mingling and we wait, our heads tilted towards the door.

Caleb takes this as an opportunity to kiss my face and neck, hands still roaming. I close my eyes, hoping whoever is at the door decides to—



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