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First Chapter of new book

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“I will hurt you for this. I don’t know how yet, but give me time. A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you’ll know the debt is paid.”

The quote came from a book Renee had been reading before she left Florida, so she knew it quite well.

“Is everything okay?” Sorley asked his brows firmly pushed together, he always knew when she was put off.

“I’m fine, no worries just some trash.” She smiled on the outside but inside she knew something horrible was coming their way; but no means to truly prepare for this without knowing what is coming.











Chapter One


She begged for forgiveness but with every breath she cried out was in vain. Trying to be there for him wasn’t working, he meant more to her than just a friend but that didn’t matter. Every day she tried helping him see how wonderful he was however she wasn’t HER and HER was all he cared for.

There was nothing left of her pride as she sat on the ground crying beside the lake. Nothing could help her now, she lost her friend. The pain wasn’t a stranger to her but that didn’t make it any better of a feeling to endure.

“Tomorrow is a new day, I must move forward, pretend everything is just fine. Right now, I’m not fine but soon I will be.” She repeated this like a mantra.

Watching the sky turn dark she knew that it was time to move, go inside, but the indoors felt like a prison with the walls closing in. So, she kept still holding her knees to her chest, watching the fish jump for their evening meals.

“You need to smile,” She whispered to herself, “Don’t worry about the sadness, you are stronger and worth so much more.”

Walking in the door of her home, Baylee could smell dinner, delicious comfort food that normally would have her drooling.

“Hey everyone, I’m home,” Baylee called through the house standing at the front door.

Renee came out from the kitchen not expecting to see her daughter back home so quickly.

“Wanna talk about it?” Renee asked knowing her daughter all too well.

“Honestly mom, I want to scream but that won’t solve anything.”

Renee chuckled, “I doubt it would but sometimes a good scream is all you need to feel better for a little while.”

Baylee walked to the overly used couch plopping down with no judgement on distance making her fall more of a ‘trust exercise’ fall that she used to do at summer camp when she was younger.

“Fine pout away, just don’t break my couch; living without help from Patrick is a bit rough. I can’t afford a new couch or any new furniture,” Renee sighed walking back toward the kitchen. “Dinner will be done in ten minutes.”

Vibration went through Baylee’s pocket startling her to sit up.

“Bay I don’t want to fight, I can’t tell you what is going on but I can tell you that I love you”

Baylee’s eyes started dripping again.

“Talk to me Bay”


“Please don’t ignore me”

“Bay you mean everything to me but I just can’t talk about this”

“You mean you can’t tell me who you are running off to that means more to you than to me.”

Baylee slammed the phone down, she couldn’t take any more of his bull.

More vibrations came from her phone across the couch. She had to get away from it, from all of it. She walked into the kitchen, to the person that could decide her fate.

“Mom, I don’t want to stay here for the summer, please let me go anywhere else.” Baylee begged Renee.

Renee was surprised, Baylee normally has so many plans that she could barely fit in time to blow her nose let alone want to be away from her friends.

“Please, just make it far away from here, I can’t take this arguing with Damon anymore. I need to go somewhere that no cell phones, no text messages; please I just can’t do this mom!”

Renee shook her head, “you’re telling me that you want to run away from the problem? That is not how I raised you and your brother.”

“Mom I don’t want to run away,” Baylee started struggling with an excuse that would get her mom to agree, “I need time to adjust and process everything without the distractions that are caused by my phone or internet. Come on mom, just admit you need time away from us and I need time away from Ireland.”

Renee jerked her head around, eyebrows raised; “did you just say away from Ireland?”

Baylee rounded the table between her and her mom, standing in front of Renee, “I need to get away please.” Baylee begged.

Renee walked away from Baylee moving to the fridge to pull out more celery for the stew that was brewing on the stove. She placed the celery on the cutting board gently slicing until she had diced each piece to place in the pot.

With a sigh Renee turned to Baylee, “I understand and you know when I was younger I went to a camp in Colorado. Your Granda had actually suggested it to me, it is run by a leprechaun family…”

“No mom no more leprechaun issues please,” Baylee squealed.

“I said it was run by a leprechaun family I didn’t say it was a practicing leprechaun camp.”


“It means that the camp owners are leprechauns but they had moved away from all the drama of clan life; they accept some leprechaun children for their camp but for the most part only non-magical children go to this camp. Now, I’m willing to send you to this camp; however, you need to promise me that you aren’t going to run away or do anything stupid, or show your powers to any of the other children there.”

“Children? Mom I’m sixteen, not five”

“Alyzabeth, you are going to an all age camp for five to eighteen-year-old. But if you go, so does Garritt; I’m not separating y’all again.”

“Garritt, I’m all packed, will you hurry up?” Baylee called up the stairs.

Thump, thump, thump.

Three duffle bags were thrown down the stairs toward Baylee’s feet.

“If you’re trying to hit me, you missed,” Baylee smiled up at her twin brother.

“Trust me if I wanted to hit you, I would have,” growled Garritt from behind a large pink duffle bag. “I have no clue why I am carrying your crap down the stairs, but you’re welcome Bay.”

“Awe, you’re so sweet Garritt,” she grinned.

Renee walked in the front door noticing what she had not for a long time, both of her children were smiling. Renee turned waving for Sorley’s attention, Sorley rushed to her side; he too noticed the smiles from his children, he missed so much from them growing up, he had caused them pain during that time, he was so glad to see some happiness on their faces.

“I take it you are ready for your trip?” Sorley smiled.

Garritt had just finished lugging all the bags from upstairs, Baylee stood by the bags counting each one to be sure he had grabbed them all. Renee watched from the doorway how her completely messy life was just coming together for this one special moment to where she and Sorley could share together with their children.

“Enough of the emotions mom, you’re gonna make me sick!” Garritt pretended to hurl.

“What?” grinned Renee.

“What Garritt is so delicately trying to say mom, is stop radiating your feelings through the room we all feel them and read them; thanks to the fact that we are part leprechaun and elf.” Baylee said.

“Which is because you two couldn’t just be friends you had to have some secret relationship which created us. Now the other clans don’t want half-breeds as clan leaders. Thanks” Garritt growled.


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