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Update on the real life

Posted on March 12, 2017 at 7:35 PM

I have switched jobs this year, no longer a department manager for Wal-Mart, I am doing something that makes me SOOOO much happier.... I am a terrible two toddler teacher. :D I love every minute of it!


I have been missing too much with my little men growing up & I just couldn't stand it any more so I chose a job that puts me closer to them and even more with a job that I enjoy. Yes, children are messy and yes children go compeletly insane some days, yes they even become really whiney. But they are the most amazing, smart, funny, always putting you on your toes, little mini people.


When I first worked with children (and not just annoying my mom at the school she worked out) I loved seeing each step of development; I had this little girl back then from the time she was maybe 3 months old. This little girl became my Spider Monkey and the character in my book that is best friends with Garritt.


Which brings me to Baylee & Garritt (the book) I have been writing more and hopefully in a good way! Look forward to the upcoming weeks I'll be putting up a sneak peek.

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