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Seven Threads

Posted on September 2, 2017 at 4:00 PM

About the Book

Title: Seven Threads

Author: Jason Atkinson

Genre: Short Story Collection

Seven Threads is a book of 7 short stories full of twists and turns. A girl on the run, a man accused of murder, a homeless man who finds his way, and much more. While each story is unique, they all offer the same human compassion that is sometimes lacking in today's world. The reader is sure to find each story a page turner full of emotions, and left wanting more!


Author Bio

Jason Atkinson is a 32 year old, married man with one adorable toddler. With Seven Threads being his third book, he certainly enjoys writing and also spending time getting to know new people.




Book Excerpts





The Gentle Man


Part 1 - Forgiveness

With a somewhat stern and yet gentle approach in his voice, he suddenly spoke. "Forgiveness won't change the past - but it will change the future. Your future."

He looks around the room..."Ok." he said with a broad grin. "Who wants to go first?"

Scanning the room with expectant eyes.

A chair creaks as a man shifts in his seat uncomfortably, both from the metal chair being too harsh and because of the looming topic before him. Towards the back of the room, a cough was heard.

"No one wants to go first?"


The room, even though crowded with people, chilling and eery as if you in fact alone with your thoughts. No one s eye contact with him as that might have been a sign of indulgence into this new topic.


It getting late into the evening and usually at this time the wrap-up begins, ending the night the same way it always ends.

Wandering eyes look towards the coffee pot. A few towards the windows at the top of the walls. It snowing outside, gently, but consistent. The lamppost illuminate the flakes as the glided slowly down past the windows limited view. Even though the view may have looked quaint, it only resonate with the harsh reality of what inter often brings, and also what this group discussion can often bring

As the second hand on the clock tick awayhe leader of the group to his feet. Everyone watche.

"I think that will be all for tonight" with a meager smile.

Reluctantly and of course thankfully, sighs of relief filled the room. Chairs scraped the floor without a care now while people mingled amongst themselves and eventually dispersed into the cool night air.

Left alone to clean up, the man who had brought them all together

"Will my words ever get through?"

Walking away he head towards the door, turning around one last time to check the room clear.

There no smile this time. Only the face of a tired man, who just want to make one ounce of difference.

The lights out, and he out the door, up the steps, and onto the street above. The door slowly close, and the last noise that ever heard the latch of the lock clicking into place. The room once again dark, all except for that glimmer of light from the windows at the top of the wall.






Life is a Rummage Sale


Part 1 - Feeling is elieving

The only sounds piercing his ears were heavy rain drops pounding the concrete slabs around him. The occasional engine humm by without a care, while he sat and closed his eyes. It was dark. The only light he saw was from the vehicle headlights that passed him by.

To his left was a cart of belongings, if you could call them belongings at all. To his right, an old dog with only an umbrella for comfort. He sat with his bum on the unforgiving slab his knees and feet drawn close to his chest. This was his only method of staying warm while the rain poured from the sky.

The he wore w at least longsleeve, but not thick enough to withstand the temperatures outside. They would have to do, though, as anything else he could wear was either torn or shortsleeve. His boots stole from a street vendor a few weeks ago. It was either that, or go barefoot, again.

His cart was the building block of a cardboard box that fit as his home. It wasn't much of anything really, but at least it covered all three sides. The opening ng his way, whereas a fully enclosed box would have isolat from the world. The cart held it in place by applying pressure to the side. Otherwise, would limp and useless.

This was his life. It always this way. There was once a time where he was prosperous and wellknown in his community. He had a house, a family, a job he loved, and of course a younger and healthierlooking dog by his side; life was good. It's interesting though how small turns of events can Blinding you with every turn until you finally see where you are and wonder how you ended up here.

Now, this concrete slab was home. Tired and alone, he looked over at his dog who was laying downtrying to sleep. He wished he was like his dogomewhat carefreenext meal and obeying master. That would be so much easier to deal with. He reached over and stroked the wet dog on the head, scratching behind his ear. The dog lay motionless but opened its mouth as a sign of enjoyment.








The Runaway Tracks


Part 3 A Smooth Ride


The train was almost full, and the platform outside was starting to thin out. Looking at his watch, Pete proclaimed it was just about time to depart. His new friend sitting across from him, nervous but ever so determined would not be backing out now; if anything, she was in for the ride regardless.


Your ticket will be validated soon. And when youre caught up here, will direct you to where you should be instead.


She just looked at him. Sure enough at that moment she the voice of the grim reaper himself. He was calling for tickets not too far away


Thinking about hiding she frantically looked around for somewhere to disappear, as that seemed to be her specialty. The only place was behind the bar, but that was not going to be wellmanaged, and if caught there, she feared an even worse punishment.


Pete,re you making this trip again? What is this? The fifth time now for you? They should get you a punch card.


If they gave me a punch card, youd be going out of business my friend.


As she sat there watching this incredible scene unfold, it would appear apparent that these two knew each other.


And whos this with you? Is that your niece youve told me about?


Seeing an opportunity, she held out her hand.


Hello, yes. Pleased to meet you, I thought it was about time I went on this trip too.


Ah yes indeed. Well, its nice to meet you, Selena.


She just smiled and then sat back in her seat. Pete and the conductor exchanged a few more words and then he was gone. Pete, sitting back in his seat now also, looked at Selena, and chuckled.

How did you know he hadnt seen a picture of my niece already?


Well if that were the case, why did he ask if it was me? We must look somewhat alike if he had seen a picture.


Wellplayed Selena. He hasnt seen a photo, but I have talked about her coming on this trip a lot. And you probably noticed he didnt even check our tickets.


I did notice. I also saw that I could have saved myself a chunk of change and gotten on for free. She gruffed at this, and Pete just laughed.




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