The Resistance

    May the Leprechauns smile upon you

Most teenagers on their sixteenth birthday receive some sort of birthday gift, some receive cars, others get watches, but Garritt learned a family secret. On Garritt's sixteenth birthday Garritt finds out he is a Leprechaun!

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First book I’ve ever read about leprechauns, and I hope to read many more. Garritt wakes up on his sixteenth birthday and finds out he’s a leprechaun. Now he has to live with his family in Ireland. There, he makes a bunch of new friends, an evil plot is revealed, and only Garritt and his friends can stop it.

With the typical whimsicalness you expect in a middle grade book, this was an amazing, fun read. It was a quick read too, and I finished it in one sitting.

~ I Heart Reading

Such a fun story.  This story was fun to read.  The characters are memorable and people you could be friends with.  I enjoyed spending time in this world.  The characters are not perfect.  They have issues of their own, but they are people you would like to hang out with. 

            I give this book 4 out of 5 clouds.

~Books, Books, and More Books